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Can adults take flying lessons?
Of course!  The flying program is open to all members of the community wanting to learn how to fly or continuing flight education. Contact Lorraine Ohanesian at or (970) 279-5439 to sign up or get more information.
Is it hard to learn to fly?
It’s very easy to get started and flying can be a fun and challenging skill to master! People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds have learned to fly and you can too. While flying isn’t difficult, you will need to stick with it and commit to learning both in the air and on the ground. 
Is it safe?
Yes! We work very hard to make our flight training the safest and most fun experience possible for our students. Although there are risks involved in all adventures, our airplanes are meticulously maintained and our flight instructors are very well trained. 
What can I do with a pilot’s certificate?
A Private Pilot’s certificate allows you to fly an airplane on good weather days. You can enjoy scenic flights, cross country flights and amaze your friends and family! A Private Pilot’s certificate allows you to fly recreationally. More advanced training is required to fly for hire, but we can help you with that too!
How long does it take to get a Private Pilot Certificate
Per FAR part 61, student pilots must log a minimum of 40 hours of flight training to be eligible to take their Private Pilot checkride. This is a minimum and most pilots take closer to 60 - 80 hours of flight training.
How can I get started?
Start with a discovery flight. Whether you have always wanted to become a pilot or are curious about the world of aviation, this is a great way to discover what flying is all about. Your instructor will give you a great introduction to the airplane and flying in beautiful Aspen. You will even get to take the controls of the plane and discover the magic of flying for yourself! Contact us at or (970) 279-5439 to set up your discovery flight today.
Do I need a medical certificate before I start?
No, a medical certificate is not required to begin training, but it is required before you can solo. It’s a good idea to go ahead and get an FAA medical early in your training so you are aware of any conditions that may prevent you from obtaining a medical. You can use this link to find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) near you.
What class of medical certificate do I need for tr
A third class medical is sufficient for a student pilot or private pilot, but you are welcome to get a first or second class medical certificate.
Are scholarships available?
Yes! Many organizations offer flight training scholarships. A few are listed below to get you started:
Women in Aviation:
The 99’s:
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals:
What can I expect on my first day?
You’ll get to fly on your very first day and experience the beauty of flying in the Roaring Fork valley! Don’t worry, your Certified Flight Instructor will be there to help you. As you progress through training, you will need less and less help from your CFI and soon be ready to fly solo!
What should I bring to my first day?
Documents & Identification:
passport (unexpired & valid) or
original birth certificate
driver's license
medical (if you have one - not necessary to start flight training)
Digital paperwork completed (renter’s agreement, etc.)
Pilot Gear:
For your very first flight, you just bring yourself! If you would like to invest in your pilot gear, here are a few recommendations:

Denver VFR sectional (paper sectional recommended) available here for download:
or here for purchase:
Headset: (we do have David Clark's available for your use)
Flashlight: (with colored lenses to protect night vision)
View limiting device/Foggles:
Foreflight app FAR/AIM (digital recommended and available in the app store)