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Aspen Flight Academy Teaser


Aspen Flight Academy 
Goes To Oshkosh

Celebrating Student Achievement

Connor Coyle, Julia Burwell, and Will Pryor pass their Private Piot FAA Written Knowledge Exams.  Connor was accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Connor Coyle Julia Burwell Will Pryor

Kat Kowar, who graduated from Aspen High School in June 2017, became the third Aspen student to become a certified pilot.

Kat Kowar

Grace Ferguson became the second woman pilot to earn her certification through the Aspen program.


Juliette Woodrow, who graduated from Aspen High School in June 2017 and went on to study at Stanford, became the second Aspen student and first woman to earn her certification.

Ladd Taylor, a graduate from Aspen High School, became the first Aspen student to complete his FAA Private Pilot Checkride. His FAA Examiner, Jay Cronk said that Ladd did an amazing job in challenging conditions.